Happy Halloween

No blog post today. I’m out begging for candy!   Happy Halloween!

Snapseed App Screenshot Giovanni Arroyo

5 Free iOS Apps for Photographers

In my daily use of iPad I have found some great free apps that have helped my photography out. From light meters to note taking apps I have tried a ton. The following apps are ones that any photographer needs to at least try. Today…


Harvard Arts Benefit

Tomorrow join me at the H’Arts (Harvard Arts) Benefit. 4pm to 9pm Starline Factory Gallery & Studios 400 W. Front Street, Harvard IL I will be selling my prints and a portion of each sale will go to benefit art and ,music in the community….


Using vintage lenses in a modern way.

This past year I finally embraced the mirror-less camera by purchasing a Fujifilm X-E1. It is a great little camera in it’s own right and Fuji makes some great lens for the X-system cameras. But, that is not why I bought it, the reason I…

Lightroom Tutorial - G. Arroyo Giovanni Arroyo

Lightroom Export Tutorial

Oh a Lightroom export tutorial. I know, I’m contradicting myself. When I first started this blog I wrote that I would not be doing tutorials. Well today is the day that changes. At least this once. I’ve created a quick Lightroom exporting tutorial for one…


Don’t Miss The Edgewater Fall Art Fair!

Don’t miss the chance to check out lots of great art at the Edgewater Fall Art Fair! Lots of great artists and entertainment for all ages. This was a great event last year and I can’t wait for it to kick off tomorrow. See you…

Street Photography Puerto Rico

Why is street photography important?

Why is street photography important? Why does it matter? When we look back years from now what will we have that captures the image of today’s culture? What did people wear? What did the buildings look like? Besides photojournalism, street photography captures the look and…


The Devil Inside My Head

The Devil Inside My HeadWill he come out today? Will he finally win his way? Will the angel no longer be able the stop the devilish thoughts I am having? This self portrait(s) were for the August Black and White Project theme “When I Close My…

Barrio Arts Fest '14 G. Arroyo Giovanni Arroyo

Barrio Arts Fest ’14

I had so much fun at last year’s Barrio Arts Fest, I’m doing it again. Barrio Arts Fest ’14! Join me and other Puerto Rican Artists at The National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture on 3015 W Division St, Chicago, Illinois 60622 for Barrio Arts Fest…