This week I returned from a little vacation with the family in Orlando. Before the trip I decided to do something I never thought would happen. I took only my GoPro on the trip. It was great relief to only carry the ultra small GoPro, a spare cards and a few extra batteries.

If I was visiting a place I hadn’t been before I doubt I would have only taken just the GoPro, but after viewing the photos, that is actually a possibility.  All photos were edited via Lightroom.

Below are a few other photos from the trip. You can check out more by following me on Instagram.


GoPro_Giovanni_Arroyo_Magic_Kingdom_2 GoPro_Giovanni_Arroyo_Epcot_1 GoPro_Giovanni_Arroyo_Magic_Kingdom_3 GoPro_Giovanni_Arroyo_Magic_Kingdom_4