Would you like to know my workflow?

Would you like to know my workflow?

What do I do after capturing an image?

Well, I’m giving away my secrets!

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Knobody is left out.

With just the worksheets you will save time in Lightroom.  I promise you! read more

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Fine tuning my Lightroom workflow

I am constantly fine tuning my Lightroom workflow.

Fine tuning my Lightroom workflow
I purchased a midi controller which I mapped to different sliders in the Lightroom develop module.

Now with keyboard shortcuts, pen tablet and the midi controller I rarely have to touch a mouse. My workflow has been refined more, I am spending less time in Lightroom and less time on the computer.

Want to learn more about my Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow? Join me for this workshop.

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Some Essentials

Laptop_Rolleiflex_Giovanni_ArroyoTake a look at a couple of the essentials for my photography workflow.

Apple Macbook Pro 13″
Rolleiflex Automat Medium Format Camera.

When I shoot medium format film, I keep a hybrid workflow. Thngs stay analog up still the negative is developed. From there, I scan the negatives in and use lightroom and my Canon 9500 Mark II printer to print the photos.

Feet in both worlds digital and analog.

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Do you edit?

Do you? I do.
If you don’t edit, or really culling, your photos you are really wasting a lot of time. Time I can spend taking more photos.

What do I mean wasting time? Every time I have a photoshoot, I import my photos to Lightroom. The very next thing I do is start editing down my selections. Lightroom makes it extremely easy to pick and reject photos and then select the keepers.

This process has saved me more time then just about any other. I can easily go from a large batch of photos down to the very best. This lets me focus on and spend my time fine tuning only a smaller number of photos. read more

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Lightroom Mobile

This past spring Adobe updated Lightroom. One of the features they added for Creative Cloud members was the ability to sync to a mobile app. At first I thought this would be a neat feature, and I might use it to show off images. Instead it has turned into one of the most used photography apps I have on my iPad. It allows me to step away from my computer and rate, crop and do basic image adjustments on the road. It also lets me be incredibly mobile, uploading images straight off my camera and sharing to social media quickly. read more