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Mark today down in history, I am doing something that I rarely do and even more rarely admit to. I’m posting color photos. Yes I’ll admit every once in a while a photo needs to be in color. I learned to shoot film on black and white and still see photos in black and white so I do have preference for photos in shades of gray.

Both of these photos were taken in Viejo (old) San Juan Puerto Rico during a recent trip. You can purchase both of these photos and others I have taken around Puerto Rico right now on If you would prefer a signed copy please contact me directly. read more


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Polished Streets of Malaga Spain (Espana) Photography by Giovanni Arroyo

Welcome to the new and improved Behind the Shot blog! This is an exciting time. I’ve migrated all of my blog posts to the new website and added some wonderful features. As time allows I also plan to add content. I hope you enjoy the new look!
On to the post.

The New
Besides the new website, I have published a new image (shown above). I am always trying to learn new techniques for taking better photographs, and in this case improving how I process the image. I hope you like the look, I am really pleased with how it came out. read more