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I just can’t figure out Impossible Project Film. I can’t figure out the exposure. I can’t figure out how to get things in focus. I just can’t figure this film out. I’ve tried both the monochrome and the color packs. Once this pack is done I think I will sell my SX-70 and not purchase another pack. Too bad Fuji FP-100c has been discontinued.

[bctt tweet=”Once this pack is done I think I will sell my SX-70 and not purchase another pack. Too bad Fuji FP-100c has been discontinued.” username=”gdotarroyo”] read more

Film G.Arroyo

Still Love Polaroids

I still love Polaroids. There is something about the camera, the instant nature of the photos and having an immediate physical photo to share. There is nothing like it.

Below is my brand new (at least to me) SX-70 which is unique because the camera is an SLR with manual focus.  I also have some Impossible Project Film to try it out. The camera was picked up recently at an estate sale in Crystal  Lake, Illinois.


Film G.Arroyo

Shooting Polaroid

A few weeks back I took my Polaroid Land 450 camera out to my aunt’s in Harvard to shoot some Polaroids of the kids. Below are the photos my father Miguel Arroyo of http://miguelsfineartphotography.com/ took of me.

Loading Fujifilm FP-3000b

Giovanni Arroyo Loading Film in  a Polaroid 450 2

Giovanni Arroyo Loading Film in  a Polaroid 450


Giovanni Arroyo Shooting a Polaroid 450

Giovanni Arroyo Shooting a Polaroid 450


Giovanni Arroyo Developing film from a Polaroid 450

I really enjoy shooting film, medium format, instant or just about any other. Learn how you can add this to your photography arsenal. Visit my workshops page, or browse the many blog posts I have about my adventures with film. read more

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New Year, New Possibilities

Kiev 88 Lens

Happy new year! This is the time when everyone makes resolutions that are not kept and the television is flooded with weight loss commercials. Well I’m not going to make any resolutions, what I am going to write about are some new possibilities that I look forward too.

Things I’m looking forward to in 2014:
Gallery openings
Shooting more medium format film
Shooting more instant film with my Land 450
Improving my art
Teaching a class
Art shows
My oldest daughter shooting more
Finding Vivian Maier read more


That Vintage Look

Face Painting 1 Kiev Polaroid Photo Fuji FP-100C  Photograph by Giovanni Arroyo

Getting a vintage film look from your photographs is big business right now. Instagram, smart phone filters, Lightroom presents, Photoshop actions and apps galore. There are a tons of ways to create the “look”. How do I go about creating the vintage film look in my photography? Should I give away my trade secrets?

Of course! This is my Behind the Shot blog.

I use actual film and vintage cameras. If you have been following my blog or just viewing my photographs you will not be surprised. The two photographs in this post are scanned negatives recovered from Fujifilm FP-100C instant film. Yes you can still buy “Polaroid” film and with peel apart Fujifilm you can even recover a negative along with the instant Polaroid. The negative will also give you a distinct look that would take a lot of work in Photoshop to recreate. Colors get shifted, edges are burned and usually the negative isn’t perfect. In my eyes you can’t really replicate the look of film. read more