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Animated some photos

I always say in my trainings that motion is the future. What do you do if you only have photos? How do you solve this issue? You animate some selected still photos so they have motion in them. An easy way to add some eye-catching movement to your photos.

Here are a few animated gifs from photos that I created:

I especially love the first one from Mar Chiquita in Manati, Puerto Rico. All were captured in Puerto Rico 2018 and created on my iPad.

Digital G.Arroyo UAV Video

New Video from Puerto Rico

What have I been doing recently? Well I traveled to Puerto Rico to see how things are with my own eyes.

I captured tons of content. Which is visable on my two Instagram accounts @giovanni_arroyo_photography and @gdotarroyo.

I also took my 3DR Solo with me and captured aerial video. The first of which I am sharing above. You will be able to check out more on my Youtube Channel.

All photos and video were captured with my travel trifecta: Fuji XE-1, GoPro Hero 4 Silver or iPhone 7 Plus.

Don’t you want to visit Puerto Rico? There is a lot more to our island than just Old San Juan.
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Digital G.Arroyo Video

Tutorial for Animating a Photograph | Plotograph Like Actions SAVE $$$


Tutorial for Animating a Photograph | Plotograph Like Actions SAVE $$$

Below is a short video tutorial on using an action I found on DIY Photography blog.

I forgot to mention in the video that you need to download and add the action to Photoshop prior to animation.

You can download here:

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After downloading I simply clicked the action and Photoshop opened and added the action automatically.

Don’t forget that I have the Adobe Creative Cloud and only tested this on the most recent version of Photoshop. You mileage may vary. 🙂 read more