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Some t-shirts

I designed some t-shirts for sale.

I know, I’m supposed to keep things photography related. So I will, I designed these shirts in Photoshop.

There you happy!

On to the meaty part. Take a peek at my storefront:

You can easily order any of the designs like I share in this video:

There are more than just t-shirts. I also plan to add to my store when I can. Check out some of my Puerto Rico designs.

More coming soon! Check back to find new items! read more

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Lightroom Tutorial | Changing the crop overlay

The video below has my “1st” of many Lightroom Tutorials. I plan to share a short video talking about a specific action regularly. This week we will be touching on the Crop Overlay Tool. How can I change it?

There are many reasons why you may want to change the tool, but the main one I can think of is to help out with different compositional elements. Move away from the rule of thirds and try to compose an image to one of the other “rules”

You will need a basic understanding of Lightroom for this to be helpful. Take a workshop! read more

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Happy Halloween 2016 Holiday Card

Happy Halloween here is the girls 2016 holiday card.

Happy Halloween 2016 Holiday Card

This year the girls decided to dress up as Star Wars characters for Halloween. I took the opportunity to do a little green screen and Photoshop work and put them in the movies. The photo below is their two sided Halloween card. I was impressed by the quality of the Mpix card. They turned out great.

This is our second year doing this so I guess it is a tradition now. Check out last years photo!

Do you know who they are dressed up as? Take a guess by commenting below. read more

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Tutorial for Animating a Photograph | Plotograph Like Actions SAVE $$$


Tutorial for Animating a Photograph | Plotograph Like Actions SAVE $$$

Below is a short video tutorial on using an action I found on DIY Photography blog.

I forgot to mention in the video that you need to download and add the action to Photoshop prior to animation.

You can download here:

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After downloading I simply clicked the action and Photoshop opened and added the action automatically.

Don’t forget that I have the Adobe Creative Cloud and only tested this on the most recent version of Photoshop. You mileage may vary. 🙂 read more

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Nik Collection is Free

Nik Collection is Free

Wow, just Wow! Nik Collection is free!

Last week Google price on this package would have cost you $150. Now it doesn’t run you a dime.

I have used the Nik Collection with Lightroom for a long time,  it works in almost the same way as editing in Photoshop. Some of you observant workshop students may have even noticed the extra “edit in” options I have.

[bctt tweet=”You can learn more about my favorite Silver Efex Pro and the other great tools here:” username=”gdotarroyo”] read more

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Update for Lightroom Mobile

More than a month ago, Lightroom was updated. At the same time Adobe also updated one of my favorite tools on the iPad, Lightroom Mobile. Below is a short video that shows my favorite update in Lightroom Mobile.

Now you can finally adjust the color filter settings on monochrome photos. At the same time I showed off the simple copy and paste settings which saves a tone of time. If you are already a Creative Cloud subscriber then you already have access to this awesome mobile tool.

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Lightroom Mobile

This past spring Adobe updated Lightroom. One of the features they added for Creative Cloud members was the ability to sync to a mobile app. At first I thought this would be a neat feature, and I might use it to show off images. Instead it has turned into one of the most used photography apps I have on my iPad. It allows me to step away from my computer and rate, crop and do basic image adjustments on the road. It also lets me be incredibly mobile, uploading images straight off my camera and sharing to social media quickly. read more

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Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Photograph by Giovanni Arroyo

As the first snow has fallen in the Chicago area and a few months of cold weather ahead, this is what I saw in my bathroom mirror this morning. Beautiful clouds, the setting sun reflecting off the ocean and me taking a photo on a cliff near Jobos beach in Puerto Rico. Every time I look in the mirror and I can see Puerto Rico inside me. There is nothing I do that doesn’t reflect a piece of my heritage.