Inventory Reduction Sale

I’m selling my metal print inventory. 

16×20 only $50 plus shipping.

Let me know which one you want. NOW EASILY ORDER ONLINE!

Huntley Outlet Mall
Aguada Sugar Refinery
Which Way
Mar Chiquita

16×20 METAL Prints. Unframed. ONLY $50 plus actual shipping. 

I am losing my mind but I am sitting on a few aerial prints that need to find a new home. I am putting 5 up for sale, all are 1-of-a-kind, some are still in their wrapper. I will sign each prior to shipping. 2 are in my signature black and white style. 3 for my most recent trip to Puerto Rico. I showed one framed so you have an idea of how it looks. 
ONLY $50 plus actual shipping.
Send me a DM with your zip and I can figure out how much shipping will be and if you include your email address I can send you an invoice. 

This is a rare chance to own these images. They sell for almost $150 on Fine Art America, unsigned. Save BIG!⠀

Just let me know which one you want. Pay for it and it will be yours before someone else gets it! Paypal and Credit Cards accepted.  read more

Map | Giovanni Arroyo
Digital G.Arroyo

New Map

New Map
World Map New

If you have visited my website in the last week you may have noticed a new item sitting in the menu. It is a new and interactive map. What this map allows people to do is click on different locations and view a photo slide show of photos taken in the region. To simplify the look and because of the sheer number I have set clicking on the United States as an option to bring you to a state map as shown below.

USA New Map

I am constantly updating and adding new features. Places without any photos are shown as grayed out. As I have time I will be adding more photos and more locations.

Why did I go through so much work on the website? One it gives me another opportunity to rank my site higher in search engines than it did before. I’m always undergoing little tweaks to improve my sites SEO. Most of the time these changes are small and relatively un-noticeable. Other times it is a major and you notice the change, like this map. Secondly I just think it looks good. Would you agree?

I very excited to offer this as an option to share my work! If you like the new feature let me know if the comments below.




I don’t trust my computer, I don’t trust that my hard drive won’t crash, I don’t trust that it won’t fail. I backup to multiple places, two physical external drives and one cloud based. You can find out more at my Lightroom Workshop. Is that enough? Probably, but I still do more. I print most of my photos, even the ones that no body ever sees. I want to give my daughters shoe boxes worth of memories.

Over the summer I found out about a company called Chatbooks that that will make small books of my Instagram photos. They are only $6 for 60 photos and get sent a new book every time I add 60 more photos to Instagram. The quality is good and now I have another way to archive my photos. The books are labeled as volumes and I should be receiving volume 4 any day.

I also like the fact that on the app, I can easily include or exclude photos from the next book.


This is an awesome way to archive my Instagram photos. If you use my referral code FT3HATC you get your first subscription book free. I get $1 off my next order.