Yes, I do have a sale occasionally. This year I am having a super deal on signed prints.

Matted 11″ x 14″ which I usually sell for $30 I have marked down to only $9.99

Not only do I have these prints on sale I also have deals on a select number of metal prints. Some captured in Puerto Rico when I visited last year not long after Hurricane Maria.

Only $49.99

Don’t snooze on these deals, I have limited stock, and once they are gone I don’t plan on reprinting.

Yes you read that correctly, you will be able to get a limited edition signed print for cheap. read more

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How to buy my art (even if your not local)

So you like one of my photos.

You would love to see this image hanging up in your house.

The only problem is getting it.

You don’t live in the Chicago area and don’t plan to come visit me anytime soon.

How can you get a piece of my work?

Easy purchase it from Fine Art America.

They have many options, everything from framed art prints to phone cases. You can choose the item, and size on their website.

Check out this short video I made showing how easy it is.

It is super easy and simple to support my craft. Help me make more interesting content for you by buying a piece of my art. read more

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New Features added to

This past week I added new Features to

One of the features is a chat function that will allow you to just click to chat with me. Do you have a question about Adobe Lightroom? Chat with me. Want to find out if I can help you create a promo video? Open up the chat. Am I available to do a shoot or photograph and event on a certain date? Get the ball rolling by sending me a message via the chat function.

I’ve also added some new, and easier to use sharing features. Now on the bottom of every post, you can easily share my latest blog post. A simple one button click to help your friends, by giving them great content.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. read more

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Would you like to hire me? Giovanni Arroyo Photography

Would you like to hire me?
Giovanni Arroyo Photography is available for hire!

Event Photography? Sure!
Event Photography

Headshots? Absolutely!

Any other portrait work (including film)? Not a problem!

I also do custom website work, specialize in training and public speaking, videography, social media and more!

Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] to find out how we can work together.

[bctt tweet=”Hire me to work with you!” username=”gdotarroyo”] read more


New look.. plus more. Help me create more.

New look.. plus more. Help me create more.

This week I debuted a new look to my website. I hope you like how it looks and can find the information you were looking for faster.


Now time for the plus more.  I am looking to do more with my photography,

I want to work with more businesses both small and large on their photo projects.

I want to shoot more headshots, portraits and still life subjects.

I want to create more video’s.

I would love to work with on your portrait.

I want to shoot more film.

I want to teach more workshops.

I want to work in Lake in the Hills and McHenry County more. read more


Couple of New States Added

Couple of New States Added – GIOVANNI ARROYO

I realized this week that I didn’t have a couple of states that I visited with my camera on the map yet.

This week I’ve added a slide show from the state of Connecticut and some medium format film photos from Indiana. I also updated the photo slide show to reflect some recent photos from Florida.

[bctt tweet=”Check out this interactive map, with photo slides shows.″ username=”gdotarroyo”]

Hope you get a chance to check them out and explore this interactive map. read more




Whenever I get the chance, I study the masters, collect their books and see what I can do to get better. What has made them a master?

I few weeks back I was lucky enough to come across this awesome Robert Frank picture book that the Huntley Library was clearing out. Thanks to everyone who passed it up, because it now sits on my desk.

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Some Essentials

Laptop_Rolleiflex_Giovanni_ArroyoTake a look at a couple of the essentials for my photography workflow.

Apple Macbook Pro 13″
Rolleiflex Automat Medium Format Camera.

When I shoot medium format film, I keep a hybrid workflow. Thngs stay analog up still the negative is developed. From there, I scan the negatives in and use lightroom and my Canon 9500 Mark II printer to print the photos.

Feet in both worlds digital and analog.

Digital Film G.Arroyo

Creating vs. Capturing

As an urban photographer I do a little of both, Creating and Capturing in my photography. Below I’ll place my personal definitions on both


When I have spent time developing a thought, planned and executed my photograph. This is the process I have when I take most photos, especially portraits.

Rolleiflex Automat Vivian Maier Style Photofraph 1

Most of the time when I am shooting street photography, I take this approach. Yes, there may be some creating, I set up the stage, know peoples typical actions and have an intention. Most of what I do is capturing a moment. Capturing how a place look during a certain time in history. Capturing life read more