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Have you seen the new page?

Have you seen the new page?

I added an “Aerial” page to the website and it is prominent in the menu bar. I wanted to create a new page highlighting the aerial video and photo services I am offering now. Want a rated, insured, professional for your aerial project? Check out the new page and contact me if you would like to learn more.

Would this be something you’re interested in? Excited about the possibilities? Let me know in the comments below:

Oh and don’t miss the short video I have embedded: read more

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Lightroom Presets – My take

One big advantage Lightroom has over other photo editing software are the presets. The availability and ease of use is unmatched even by Lightroom’s big brother Photoshop. Below is my take on using Lightroom presets.

The Good
Presets make fast work of editing many photos quickly. If you have a large batch of photos and want to apply the same edits to them you can easy do so with presets. If you are familiar with the import process you can even apply presets to photos as you add them to your collections. read more

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New York

As a true blue (red??) Chicagoan this next sentence is very hard to type. I love New York. Ok, there, that is out of the way. Now I can breathe again. I’ve had these feelings about NYC before, there is something in the air in that city, something that is exciting. I really love visiting New York. Would I leave Chicago? Not a chance, I need the hot dogs and proper pizza that we have.

Did I mention that New York is a street photographers paradise? It is!


Christmas in July

Want to check out some great artwork created by Puerto Rican artists? Enjoy some of the best food? Listen to music?
Join me and my fellow artists at Christmas in July Summerfest in Waukegan this weekend. Presented by the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance, Puerto Rican Society of Waukegan, and the Waukegan Park District.
I will be bringing  framed and unframed work, including prints from my recent trip to San Juan.

Don’t miss this event!
Bowen Park
39 Jack Benny Dr. 
Waukegan, IL 
July 19th 1pm -8pm read more

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Creek Gallery

I’m excited to be taking part in Creek Gallery hosted by Willow Creek Crystal Lake. Opening night is Friday, July 11  from 6-9. For more information please check out

The piece that I will have displayed until July 27th  is “Lights and Darks” printed on aluminum. If you have never seen any of my prints in person you owe it to yourself to check one out. “Lights and Darks” is a large stunning piece that deserves to be out on display. read more

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Too many “How To’s”. Not enough “Why’s”

Personally I think that the photography world is filled with too many blog posts that explain “how to”. Yes a how to is an important part of learning your camera, developing, your software and using gear, but shouldn’t there be more.

Why should I use a softbox over my strobe? Why would a reflector help my natural light photograph?

The answers you know are still really technical, what I find is missing is an explanation of why a photographer would do a certain technique. What emotion were they trying to elicit, what was the intent of capturing the photo. read more

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Mark today down in history, I am doing something that I rarely do and even more rarely admit to. I’m posting color photos. Yes I’ll admit every once in a while a photo needs to be in color. I learned to shoot film on black and white and still see photos in black and white so I do have preference for photos in shades of gray.

Both of these photos were taken in Viejo (old) San Juan Puerto Rico during a recent trip. You can purchase both of these photos and others I have taken around Puerto Rico right now on If you would prefer a signed copy please contact me directly. read more

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Give me some time

Give met ime

On the recent holiday my wife asked if I could help her get some things prepared at the school where she is the principal. I made only one request, let me take a few photos. I brought my 7D and tripod along to make some long exposures and HDR photos in the empty school. I am excited to see them and will be sharing some of the photos from my mini project shortly.

Just give me some time.

If you want to waste some time, see if you can spot me in this photo. I’m there.

Film G.Arroyo

Film Scanning

Chicago Bridge

I’m excited to shoot a lot more medium format film this year. I was a little disappointed with some of the results I had last year, but I had a sense it was the scanner I was using. That was exactly right, my scanner was not sharp and was lacking in dynamic range. I now have a capable scanner and can’t wait to really put it to use this year.

The three pictures were taken with my Yashica 635. Developed and scanned by myself. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of them, I have them framed prints ready to hang. read more