Selling some film cameras :(

I hate to do this, I really do, but the time has come to sell off some of my 35mm film cameras.

I have over 10 for sale right now, the majority are Canon. All have lenses if not multiple lenses included.

Here is the worst part, I’m selling some of my prized rangefinders, including 2 Lecia, one Nikon, and a Canon.

Yes, you read that right a Nikon! My collection has just gotten a little too large again and I need to thin it down a bit.

If you are interested in owning a piece of history. Check out the auctions! read more

Micro Seiki Record Player
Digital Film G.Arroyo

Post Birthday or Birthday Post

Micro Seiki Record Player

I want to say thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, in person and via social media. I am grateful to have to have such awesome friends and family. I had a great day!

I wanted to share a couple of new things going on. I “borrowed” a record player from my father, a cool Micro Seiki that he will be upset to hear is playing great. Just as I seem to be turning more and more analog, I picked up a new digital camera a Fuji X-E1. The cool part is that I am adapting film camera lenses to it. I initially mounted up a Nikon Nikkor 50mm F1.4, but have now switched to a smaller Minolta Rokkor 50mm f1.7. The camera is much better balanced. I also have adaptors for my collection of Canon FD lenses. I am more and more impressed with the camera each time I use it. The shot above was taken at ISO 6400 and is still usable with the grain present. It is also neat to combine my love of the old cameras with the convenience of a digital camera. The little Fuji will be replacing my film rangefinders and Canon G12 as walk-around cameras.
That reminds me, I need to develop a couple of rolls of film. read more

Digital G.Arroyo

Give me some time

Give met ime

On the recent holiday my wife asked if I could help her get some things prepared at the school where she is the principal. I made only one request, let me take a few photos. I brought my 7D and tripod along to make some long exposures and HDR photos in the empty school. I am excited to see them and will be sharing some of the photos from my mini project shortly.

Just give me some time.

If you want to waste some time, see if you can spot me in this photo. I’m there.

Digital Film G.Arroyo

Another Twin Lens Reflex


Added another twin lens reflex camera (TLR) to the collection. A great looking and perfectly functioning Yashica Mat 124 G. Now Leyla, Natalia and I can all shoot twin lens cameras together.

I also picked up a 1965 Nikon F Photomic, I’m passing this one along preferring my SLR’s of the Canon variety.  This would make a great gift for a photographer in your life. Contact me if you would like to find out more about this camera. Connect | Contact


Don’t Forget Your Camera!

Lake in the Hills Summer Sunset Fest Ferris Wheel Photography by Giovanni Arroyo

Don’t leave your camera at home. Your camera should be an extension of your eyes, like a pair of glasses. Without it you should feel like you are missing a part of yourself. I know it is a pain to luge a DSLR with you every where you go, but why not a point and shoot, a film camera or at the least your cell phone. You never know when the opportunity to capture an exciting image will occur. I do my best to always have at the least my Canon G10 or a 35mm film camera with me. As an example of why, the photo above was taken at the Lake in the Hills Summer Sunset Fest. A few miles from my home, I went with the girls and grabbed my Canon on the way out the door. The sky was unique and resulted in a few photos that I love. So… read more


Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Last year I decided to enter a competition. Not surprising-I’m competitive. What was surprising is that I entered a nature photography competition. I have never been one to stand and wait for nature to come to me, or really been a big fan of taking landscape or nature photography. The reason I entered the contest was to push my comfort zone. I know where my strong points in photography are, but how could I strengthen my weak points? Could I take excellent pictures of nature? This pushed me to go outside of my typical photography style and learn new techniques. I learned to use a super telephoto lens correctly, how to wait for an animal to “pose” for the portrait and how to compose nature and wildlife shots. After months of waiting and photographing different aspects of an conservation area, as assigned by the contest, I finally came up with this photo. I, of course, had to stalk this green heron for an hour before he or she “posed” for me. Proudly this photo of the Green Heron won second place in the competition. I am glad I went outside of my usual photography comfort zone, and became a better photographer because of it. read more