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New Video from Puerto Rico

What have I been doing recently? Well I traveled to Puerto Rico to see how things are with my own eyes.

I captured tons of content. Which is visable on my two Instagram accounts @giovanni_arroyo_photography and @gdotarroyo.

I also took my 3DR Solo with me and captured aerial video. The first of which I am sharing above. You will be able to check out more on my Youtube Channel.

All photos and video were captured with my travel trifecta: Fuji XE-1, GoPro Hero 4 Silver or iPhone 7 Plus.

Don’t you want to visit Puerto Rico? There is a lot more to our island than just Old San Juan.
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Tutorial Adding a Watermark or Copyright in Lightroom Mobile on iOS

Tutorial Adding a Watermark or Copyright in Lightroom Mobile on iOS

I know, it has been a while. I wanted to share this short tutorial on adding a copyright to the photos you may share using Lightroom Mobile.

As you may know, I love my iPad and Lightroom Mobile. It allows me to be active on social media and add images shot with my mobile devices, GoPro or mirrorless cameras easily.

Well, some of you may have wanted to add a copyright to those images. If you do, then this is the tutorial for you. It is very easy once you know how. At only 1:06 minutes long including the intro and outro this may be may shortest tutorial ever. read more

Snapseed App Screenshot Giovanni Arroyo
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5 Free iOS Apps for Photographers

Snapseed App Screenshot Giovanni Arroyo
In my daily use of iPad I have found some great free apps that have helped my photography out. From light meters to note taking apps I have tried a ton. The following apps are ones that any photographer needs to at least try.

Today I’m sharing 5 iOS apps, some may also be available on Android devices, but i know and use them personally on my Apple. The best part is that they will cost you nothing and you can easily uninstall them if you don’t find them as useful as I have. The names below are links that will take you straight to the app on the iTunes store. How easy is that just click and try 🙂 read more