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Prisma App Something New and Cool on the iPAD

Below is a short video about the Prisma app which is something new and cool I’m trying on the iPad.

This is just a quick walk thru. I hope you like how easy it is to add artistic effects to your photos.

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I don’t trust my computer, I don’t trust that my hard drive won’t crash, I don’t trust that it won’t fail. I backup to multiple places, two physical external drives and one cloud based. You can find out more at my Lightroom Workshop. Is that enough? Probably, but I still do more. I print most of my photos, even the ones that no body ever sees. I want to give my daughters shoe boxes worth of memories.

Over the summer I found out about a company called Chatbooks that that will make small books of my Instagram photos. They are only $6 for 60 photos and get sent a new book every time I add 60 more photos to Instagram. The quality is good and now I have another way to archive my photos. The books are labeled as volumes and I should be receiving volume 4 any day. read more

Digital G.Arroyo

Vacation Photos via GoPro


This week I returned from a little vacation with the family in Orlando. Before the trip I decided to do something I never thought would happen. I took only my GoPro on the trip. It was great relief to only carry the ultra small GoPro, a spare cards and a few extra batteries.

If I was visiting a place I hadn’t been before I doubt I would have only taken just the GoPro, but after viewing the photos, that is actually a possibility.  All photos were edited via Lightroom.

Below are a few other photos from the trip. You can check out more by following me on Instagram. read more