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I missed shooting…

A few weeks back I went to the first ever Harvard Balloon Fest. It was tough getting up early in the morning, getting my feet soaked and did I mention getting up early. I can easily say I am not a morning person. I was also the  only person on the field who didn’t have a digital camera. I dared to take my untested Hasselblad 500 and 80mm f2.8 lens. I’m glad I did.

hasselblad009 hasselblad013 hasselblad005

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My new film cameras

Over this summer I have picked up a couple of film cameras. Not my day to day cameras, but some very usable film cameras.

One is a medium format camera. A Hasselblad 500. I had the electronic version the 500El, but always wanted the fully manual version. I now have an awesome 500c that I got from KEH.

I also purchased a 80mm f2.8 lens to complete my kit. Now I have a metering prism finder, two backs, 150mm and 80mm lenses. Very pleased with my ‘Blad setup.

Hasselblad 500C 500CM
The other camera is a Canon F1. This is another camera that has been on my list of must haves for a while. I own the other A-body Canon, but a nice F1 has always eluded me. I was lucky enough to get one last week. I don’t shoot much 35mm any longer but it will make a great camera for my daughters. read more

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The Process

Photo of a Photo

What will the end photo look like?


What lens should I use?

What speed / apeture / iso or film?

Do I need a tripod?

What is my model wearing? How should she express herself?

These are just a few of the questions I ask myself before setting up a photo. This process is just as important for me as setting all this up. This question and answer session plays into every photo even those that are not set up.

This is just part of my process.

Film G.Arroyo

Why I Still Love Film

Why I still Love Film

Why I still Love Film

Slowing down, composing the photo, not knowing 100% that everything is how you pictured it, developing, drying, scanning, and finally seeing the photo. All are part of the reason I love film, especially medium format film. This photo was taken on my first roll of film from the Hasselblad 500EL with a Zeiss 150mm F4 lens that I have shared previously. Then scanned in on an Epson 550V scanner.

I am loving this “new” camera. I still love film!


Lessons Learned

Urban Graffiti

A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to shoot with a wonderful vintage camera, a Hasselblad 500C. I have learned a few lessons with this camera.

Take your time.

There is no rush when using a medium format camera. The 500c doesn’t have an onboard meter, so I used a vintage light meter to check the exposure. Then you focus and then pop up a little magnifying glass to get the focus just right. This while looking down, the image is reversed so you have to really be aware of the direction the lens in pointed. This process takes time, then you do it again to make sure the photo will come out. Remember a tripod is your friend. read more