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How to buy my art (even if your not local)

So you like one of my photos.

You would love to see this image hanging up in your house.

The only problem is getting it.

You don’t live in the Chicago area and don’t plan to come visit me anytime soon.

How can you get a piece of my work?

Easy purchase it from Fine Art America.

They have many options, everything from framed art prints to phone cases. You can choose the item, and size on their website.

Check out this short video I made showing how easy it is.

It is super easy and simple to support my craft. Help me make more interesting content for you by buying a piece of my art. read more

Digital G.Arroyo

One Camera, One Lens: New Orleans

Giovanni_Arroyo_Photography_New_Orleans_1I just got back from a wonderful trip to the city of New Orleans. I usually want to be prepared for any photography. Typically taking my camera and a selection of lens. (See the post “What I Travel With“) This trip I decided to do things a little different:

One Camera – Sony A7
One Lens – Minolta 50mm F1.7

One City – New Orleans

While I didn’t got to explore a lot of the area, I did get around a little, here are some photos from the area. You can see more and also purchase select photos on Fine Art America. read more