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Bombazo Navideño Art Show

Bombazo Navideño

Next week I am sharing my artwork along with other artists at Bombazo Navideño. It has been almost two years since I have participated in an art fair. This will be a rare chance to see my work in person, buy a piece and enjoy some music.

December 10 11am – 3pm in Humboldt Park

Join me and the other artists at Bombazo Navideño.

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Event Photography
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Event Shooting

Events, much like weddings are extremely difficult for a photographer.

Dark lighting

Moving subjects

Trying to capture candid moments

Staying out of the way

Certain recommend shots

Long hours

Did I mention dark lighting

All these things lead to much difficulty when trying to capture an event. Add to this some self imposed difficulty, like using a mirror less camera, and not having used autofocus in a few years all leads to added stress.

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Digital Events

Art on the 8th

Another month, another great art event. Join me, and other artists on at 7:30pm Thursday, May 21st in Elgin. The artist reception is at Elgin Art Showcase 164 Division St 8th Fl, Elgin, Illinois 60120. This will be a great opportunity to meet the artists behind the work. On last thing, the event is also FREE and open to the public.

I have three pieces being exhibited and for sale all month.



Christmas in July

Want to check out some great artwork created by Puerto Rican artists? Enjoy some of the best food? Listen to music?
Join me and my fellow artists at Christmas in July Summerfest in Waukegan this weekend. Presented by the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance, Puerto Rican Society of Waukegan, and the Waukegan Park District.
I will be bringing  framed and unframed work, including prints from my recent trip to San Juan.

Don’t miss this event!
Bowen Park
39 Jack Benny Dr. 
Waukegan, IL 
July 19th 1pm -8pm read more



Edgewater Fall Art Fair

Don’t miss the chance to see over 60 artists this weekend. This include my father and I who will be sharing a booth.

For more info visit

If you prefer your art in a gallery setting. Don’t miss the Water Street Studios 4th anniversary show. I am excited to be one of the honorable mention artists. The opening is October 4th and the show runs until January 4th. See my post from last week.