Opening a box from KEH
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Opening a box from KEH.

In the video below. I am doing something simple. I am Opening a box from KEh. Would you like to find out what was in the box? Would you like to know what I ordered from KEH? I’ll give you a little hint. It is a new camera body. Is it digital or film? Can I use it with equipment I already have? You have to watch the video to find out.

I am impressed with KEH’s rating. This was supposed to be a bargain camera, it is a great deal. Much better than I could have imagined. Thanks KEH!

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Digital Film G.Arroyo

Wet Plate Look

Wet Plate LookWet Plate Look

Wet Plate Look Natalia
I love film, we all know that. I shoot film as much as possible. I don’t have a thing against digital, in fact I think it is important to embrace digital. This was one of those time. I wanted to experiment with a look, specifically a wet plate look,  that predates even film.

Wet Plate photography dates back to when a photographer would coat a piece of glass with chemicals. The exposure would be taken, exposing the plate and the photographer would then develop.

I wanted to see how close I could come to replicating this look. I don’t have the equipment I need to produce a photo on wet plate. Do  I even like the look? read more

Digital Film G.Arroyo

The Process

Photo of a Photo

What will the end photo look like?


What lens should I use?

What speed / apeture / iso or film?

Do I need a tripod?

What is my model wearing? How should she express herself?

These are just a few of the questions I ask myself before setting up a photo. This process is just as important for me as setting all this up. This question and answer session plays into every photo even those that are not set up.

This is just part of my process.


Aerial Photo and Video

This past few months I have become obsessed. The FAA announced that they are planning to require a pilots license for commercial radio controlled aerial photography along with other regulations. I thought, hey that is something I could do. I have a private pilots license, lots to RC experience and I’m a photographer. I wanted a aerial video/photo platform, I want to try this out and add another skill. As of right now I own a small video capturing multi-rotor. I am using this to practice flying and video technique. As my skills improve I plan to build a much larger and more stable video platform to produce high quality videos. Would you be interested in capturing truly unique aerial photos and videos? Leave a comment below. read more

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Lightroom Mobile

This past spring Adobe updated Lightroom. One of the features they added for Creative Cloud members was the ability to sync to a mobile app. At first I thought this would be a neat feature, and I might use it to show off images. Instead it has turned into one of the most used photography apps I have on my iPad. It allows me to step away from my computer and rate, crop and do basic image adjustments on the road. It also lets me be incredibly mobile, uploading images straight off my camera and sharing to social media quickly. read more

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Christmas Card Diptych

What do you do when your two year old refuses to sit for a picture with her sister?

You work out a solution.

My solution was to hand her a prop and not ask her to look at the camera. No saying “cheese”. If you look at any of my photography I’m not really that type of photographer anyway. Of course my older daughter is much easier to pose, the problem I ran into taking her photo would be that  I didn’t have the natural window light I benefited from when taking her sister’s photo the day before.  So I simply created my own window light with my flashes. I also took a Polaroid of each girl, but that is for another post. read more