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Would you like to hire me? Giovanni Arroyo Photography

Would you like to hire me?
Giovanni Arroyo Photography is available for hire!

Event Photography? Sure!
Event Photography

Headshots? Absolutely!

Any other portrait work (including film)? Not a problem!

I also do custom website work, specialize in training and public speaking, videography, social media and more!

Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] to find out how we can work together.

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Developing a roll and my view on a Mamiya RB67


I developed a roll I shot with a Mamiya RB67. Here is my take:

Wow what a camera, okay that is what I would usually say, but my Hasselblad has me tainted.  I enjoyed shooting the Mamiya RB67. It was just what I figured. I was originally looking to purchase one. I’m glad I didn’t but I’m just spoiled. The RB is just seems like a camera that is better suited to be in the studio and not out and around. The lens is a little slow. It is big and heavy. Loading films is cumbersome. It is overly complex and just seems like any wrong move would break a part. I’m glad to be giving it back, and will continue to be happy with my ‘Blad. Here a few photos from the roll. read more

Opening a box from KEH
Digital Film G.Arroyo Video

Opening a box from KEH.

In the video below. I am doing something simple. I am Opening a box from KEh. Would you like to find out what was in the box? Would you like to know what I ordered from KEH? I’ll give you a little hint. It is a new camera body. Is it digital or film? Can I use it with equipment I already have? You have to watch the video to find out.

I am impressed with KEH’s rating. This was supposed to be a bargain camera, it is a great deal. Much better than I could have imagined. Thanks KEH!

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Passing down the knowledge


One of the great joys in my life is teaching. I love being able to share my passion and my knowledge. Being able to share those with my daughter is even better. I have been sharing my passion for film with my oldest daughter for a while now. It is part of her journey towards becoming a better photographer. She built her own camera, owns a couple of film cameras, knows how to use a light meter, and knows her exposure triangle. Now she can add developing her own black and white film to her list of skills. She was able to develop a roll of medium format and scan it in with a little guidance from her father. read more

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How are you protecting your photography investment?


My gear is very important to me. I take all the necessary precautions to avoid anything happening to it. I have it insured, I keep my bags out prying eyes the best I can, and if even cover the manufactures names up.

At the same time I am not naive, something can happen. I can lose my camera, I can have it stolen. This can happen to anyone. So I like to make thing a little harder. One of the tools that I use to make harder and more likely that I will recover my gear is called Lenstag.

Lenstag is completely free, you just need to sign up for an account. There are web and mobile version and you simply enter your equipments information serial number, snap a photo of the serial number and submit. It is that easy especially on a mobile device where you can the camera attached. Now what does this get me? Easy reporting of anything lost or stolen. I can also export a report to hand my insurance agent so my most current items are on my policy. I can also transfer items to new owners when sold. The best part for someone like me is that Lenstag doesn’t discriminate. Film or Digital both are able to be entered. read more

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Film Cameras for Sale

I’m selling off a few of my film cameras.

There will probably be upward of 20 cameras listed, 35mm, Medium Format and Polaroid.

Check out my Ebay store for more info:

I plan to add new cameras as I can. I have used a lot of these cameras, and while they are not perfect, they would be great to run some film through.


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Fine Art Prints on Sale!

Time for my first ever 1/2 off signed print sale. I am clearing out my existing inventory of 11×14 matted prints that are ready for framing to make room for new inventory. Don’t miss this deal because it will only be valid until 2014 is over. All prints are signed, printed on archival paper with archival pigment inks rated to last 100+ years.

Only 8×10 prints in 11×14 mattes are on sale.
Regular price is $30 + tax if you buy one before January 1, 2015 any print in stock will only cost $15 + tax.
Shipping is not included.
First come first served. Limited to stock on hand.
Paypal, Credit Cards and Cash accepted. read more

Digital G.Arroyo

So long DSLR! Why and why now.

For the first time that I can remember my main camera is no longer a Canon. For the longest time it was a Canon SLR eventually when switching to digital it has been a few Canon DSLR. This fall I made the decision to sell my Canon DSLR and all the lenses that I had and fully switch to mirror less cameras.

This decision was not one a took lightly, I had this though in my head for over 6 months and finally pulled the trigger. This decision was also heavily based on my experience this year with shooting a Fuji X-E1. Without having the hands on experience of using the Fuji I doubt I would have had the confidence to make the jump and purchase a Sony A7 as my main camera. Bellow are the reasons I decided to switch. read more

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New York

As a true blue (red??) Chicagoan this next sentence is very hard to type. I love New York. Ok, there, that is out of the way. Now I can breathe again. I’ve had these feelings about NYC before, there is something in the air in that city, something that is exciting. I really love visiting New York. Would I leave Chicago? Not a chance, I need the hot dogs and proper pizza that we have.

Did I mention that New York is a street photographers paradise? It is!