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I just can’t figure out Impossible Project Film. I can’t figure out the exposure. I can’t figure out how to get things in focus. I just can’t figure this film out. I’ve tried both the monochrome and the color packs. Once this pack is done I think I will sell my SX-70 and not purchase another pack. Too bad Fuji FP-100c has been discontinued.

[bctt tweet=”Once this pack is done I think I will sell my SX-70 and not purchase another pack. Too bad Fuji FP-100c has been discontinued.” username=”gdotarroyo”] read more

Film G.Arroyo

Film Cameras for Sale

I’m selling off a few of my film cameras.

There will probably be upward of 20 cameras listed, 35mm, Medium Format and Polaroid.

Check out my Ebay store for more info:

I plan to add new cameras as I can. I have used a lot of these cameras, and while they are not perfect, they would be great to run some film through.


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Film G.Arroyo

Shooting Polaroid

A few weeks back I took my Polaroid Land 450 camera out to my aunt’s in Harvard to shoot some Polaroids of the kids. Below are the photos my father Miguel Arroyo of took of me.

Loading Fujifilm FP-3000b

Giovanni Arroyo Loading Film in  a Polaroid 450 2

Giovanni Arroyo Loading Film in  a Polaroid 450


Giovanni Arroyo Shooting a Polaroid 450

Giovanni Arroyo Shooting a Polaroid 450


Giovanni Arroyo Developing film from a Polaroid 450

I really enjoy shooting film, medium format, instant or just about any other. Learn how you can add this to your photography arsenal. Visit my workshops page, or browse the many blog posts I have about my adventures with film. read more

Film G.Arroyo

When I fail

IMAG0161When I fail, I really fail.

Last week I posted about a shot I set up with my Rollieflex and using film (read here). Well when I developed the roll containing the shots I took, the entire roll came out clear. What I think happened is that my chemicals finally wore out and I fixed the roll before it developed. So I have ordered new developing chemicals and will be also replacing my fixer.

I’ve taught myself a few important lessons.
Don’t run your developing chemicals for too long.
Don’t wait to develop your film until a deadline gets close.
Always have a backup plan (I did and re-shot the photo digitally)
Don’t post about your film photos until after you develop the roll! read more

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The word creativity means a lot of things. I like to think that being creative means more than just a wonderful image. I feel that part of my creative process involves coming up with solutions to problems. The above image is an example of this. I am part of a community on Google Plus called the B&W Project. Each month we are provided a theme and need to shoot a photo for that theme. For the month of March the theme is Minimalist. I developed a concept, and to add to the complexity I have decided to shoot all theme photos on film. As I laid out the shot I had to overcome some logistical problems. Light, background, not having a tripod to fit my pre-1950 Rolleiflex and more. I even had to be creative in order to capture the behind the scenes photos with my cell phone. read more

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I am grateful for each and every time I get to teach. If that is a workshop, presentation or individual training, each and every time I find my passion for photography grows. I enjoy the interaction between people in attendance and myself. I enjoy that I get to learn from attendees just as they are able to learn from me. I enjoy the fact that my art and photography as a improves every time I teach.

I am excited to share that this year I am going to have even more opportunities to share my passion for photography. I have partnered with Nancy Merkling to be part of her Simply Learn workshop team. And will be teaching at the beautiful Starline Gallery and Studios in Harvard, IL. read more

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Cherishing Film

Here is a short video about film photography via Buzz Feed on Youtube. I think it really captures one of the aspects of shooting with film that I miss with digital. Photos are just more precious on film. They are not disposable like digital shots. The whole process of getting the photos developed, printed and the surprise of opening the package means they get cherished and kept. I try to make sure I print out photos regularly because they capture a moment in time that will never occur again. I enjoy looking at photos in my hand and not solely flipping through them on a screen. read more