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New Video | Starline Flash Mob | Premiere Pro

Below is a brand new video. I created it at the last 4th Fridays held at the Starline Gallery. It has Leyla participating in the flash mob that entertained the crowd. Forgive some of the video edits, this was my first time putting a video together using Premiere Pro. I used my GoPro Hero 4 Silver with a 3 axis gimbal to capture footage. Hope you like it. If you do visit my Youtube channel and Subscribe, and make sure to give the video a thumbs up.

[bctt tweet=”July 4th Fridays Flash Mob Video: Starline Gallery Harvard” username=”gdotarroyo”] read more

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Rejoice Lightroom’s import has returned.

If you have updated your Lightroom CC to the latest version you will notice another big change. Yes the people have spoken and Lightroom has returned to the import dialog from a couple of versions ago. Here is the post where I show how much it changed a few months back. Good, bad or indifferent the video below shows you what the import dialog looks like again as I import a photo.

Here is the photo that was imported above after it was developed. Shot on a Sony A7 with Nikkor 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens. read more

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Lightroom Updates

Wow, Adobe has updated Lightroom! Lots of cool changes, but the biggest? How import looks. See the video below.

This is a huge change, especially to the look. It also took a second to find a couple options that I feel are crucial. I’ll be sharing how you can navigate this update during my upcoming Lightroom workshop.

Oh one little last thing, this video was edited via the brand new Adobe Premier Clip for iOS on my iPad.

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Adobe Education Trainer

After 8 weeks of course work this summer, I am proud to say I am now official an Adobe Education Trainer. The class was a lot more difficult than I had initial anticipated. I had considered dropping out after taking a family vacation, but glad I completed all the work.

Now when taking my Lightroom workshop, you are taking it from an Adobe Education Trainer.

Adobe Education Trainer

An “Adobe Education Trainer” is an individual that a) provides training on Adobe tools and solutions to individuals and institutions in the education space and b) who maintains high standards for reach and quality by meeting or exceeding the requirements outlined here: read more

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Update for Lightroom Mobile

More than a month ago, Lightroom was updated. At the same time Adobe also updated one of my favorite tools on the iPad, Lightroom Mobile. Below is a short video that shows my favorite update in Lightroom Mobile.

Now you can finally adjust the color filter settings on monochrome photos. At the same time I showed off the simple copy and paste settings which saves a tone of time. If you are already a Creative Cloud subscriber then you already have access to this awesome mobile tool.

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A Little Lightroom Voodoo

Sometimes it feels like what I do in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, is mysterious or a little like voodoo. Each workshop that I teach reminds me how little people realize goes into a finished photo. How much difference there actually is between the photo I took and the one I share.

Pressing the shutter just starts the process. I don’t think that the photo is finished until I have edited, and at the very least shared it on social media. Most of the time I will make a print and once that happens the photo is done. read more

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Lightroom Mobile Quick Edit Video

Quick Video showing how I can edit a photo or a few in Lightroom Mobile using my iPad. This saves me from having to always be in front of the computer and I can easily pick this option up when I am away from my laptop. Lightroom mobile is free for Adobe Creative Cloud members and syncs up what I have done with my main Lightroom catalog. So cool!

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