Adam - Portrait by Giovanni Arroyo Lake in the Hills PHotographer
Digital G.Arroyo


Adam and I have known each other for a few decades now. It may sound corny or sappy, but I’m glad to be part of his story and happy that I get to continue making history together. There are two people pictured here, of course my friend, but also myself.

I stole this candid photo of him while we were getting ready to take photos for his engagement. I’m happy that my camera was ready to shoot and I am skilled enough to nail the composition and focus without having to think. Otherwise this moment would have only been captured in my mind. read more

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Creek Gallery

I’m excited to be taking part in Creek Gallery hosted by Willow Creek Crystal Lake. Opening night is Friday, July 11  from 6-9. For more information please check out

The piece that I will have displayed until July 27th  is “Lights and Darks” printed on aluminum. If you have never seen any of my prints in person you owe it to yourself to check one out. “Lights and Darks” is a large stunning piece that deserves to be out on display. read more

Digital G.Arroyo

Alone on a Bridge

“Alone on a Bridge”

Sometimes I feel alone.
I am a Puerto Rican born in Chicago, I am a Chicagoan living in the suburbs, I am a hispanic living amongst anglos.
Where do belong?

Art is a look inside the heart and soul of the artist. Sometimes I feel alone.

“Alone on a Bridge” was shown at the May 4th Fridays at the Starline Gallery in Harvard.
The black wooden framed metal print totalling 23″x19″ is available for purchase for $250. Viewing in person is highly recommended, a monitor can not come close to showing the dynamic range nor reflective surfaces.
Contact me if you are interested in this or any of my other work. read more

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Braving the cold

Bald Eagle on the Fox
Bald Eagle on the Fox

Last weekend, my trusty assistant (daughter)  and I decided to brave the miserable cold and try to see some Bald Eagles. Well most of the morning was spent in search of an eagle, but we never found one. With my camera and long lens still ready to shoot we decided to head south on the Fox river towards Elgin, and after a few miles I spotted one. We took some photos and above is one of my favorites. This was the first time I have seen a Bald Eagle in the wild and love the fact that our area is able to support such a large raptor. read more

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Snow day


Making the most of a snowy day by checking out my backyard safari. The squirrels were still out, while the humans are trying to stay warm inside. This guy hadn’t noticed the snow on his nose.

You never know when you need to have your camera ready, so mine always is. I just needed to swap to my long lens. This was shot at 400mm. You can see a larger version by visiting my 500px profile http://500px.com/photo/60077852

Digital G.Arroyo

Give me some time

Give met ime

On the recent holiday my wife asked if I could help her get some things prepared at the school where she is the principal. I made only one request, let me take a few photos. I brought my 7D and tripod along to make some long exposures and HDR photos in the empty school. I am excited to see them and will be sharing some of the photos from my mini project shortly.

Just give me some time.

If you want to waste some time, see if you can spot me in this photo. I’m there.

Digital G.Arroyo


Christmas Card Diptych

What do you do when your two year old refuses to sit for a picture with her sister?

You work out a solution.

My solution was to hand her a prop and not ask her to look at the camera. No saying “cheese”. If you look at any of my photography I’m not really that type of photographer anyway. Of course my older daughter is much easier to pose, the problem I ran into taking her photo would be that  I didn’t have the natural window light I benefited from when taking her sister’s photo the day before.  So I simply created my own window light with my flashes. I also took a Polaroid of each girl, but that is for another post. read more