This past weekend our family visited the Kalahari Resort located in the Wisconsin Dells. I only took my GoPro, initially thinking I was going to capture a bunch of video. At the last minute, I decided to just sit back and enjoy myself and not worry about shot lists and capturing footage. I also didn’t think I would put together a video.

Well, the girls did capture GoPro footage, and I ended up putting together this short video:

What do you think? I don’t think it is too bad considering the girls captured the majority of the footage.

I used the opportunity to practice editing in Premiere Pro. I hope you check out my other videos.

The Girls at the Kalahari Resort
The Girls at the Kalahari Resort

Using my GoPro Hero 4 Silver, The girls shot a video of their visit to the Kalahari Resort water park. Edited in Premier Pro.