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If you have visited my website in the last week you may have noticed a new item sitting in the menu. It is a new and interactive map. What this map allows people to do is click on different locations and view a photo slide show of photos taken in the region. To simplify the look and because of the sheer number I have set clicking on the United States as an option to bring you to a state map as shown below.

USA New Map

I am constantly updating and adding new features. Places without any photos are shown as grayed out. As I have time I will be adding more photos and more locations.

Why did I go through so much work on the website? One it gives me another opportunity to rank my site higher in search engines than it did before. I’m always undergoing little tweaks to┬áimprove my sites SEO. Most of the time these changes are small and relatively un-noticeable. Other times it is a major and you notice the change, like this map. Secondly I just think it looks good. Would you agree?

I very excited to offer this as an option to share my work! If you like the new feature let me know if the comments below.