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Do you need Lightroom help? Does it look intimidating or at the very least daunting. Would you like to get started in a powerful editing too but don’t know where to start? Do you want to take your photo finishing to a professional level? Would you like to spend less time editing and more time shooting photos?

I can help! Below are just two ways that I can help you.

First off I teach a Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Kickoff workshop on a monthly basis. This is at the lovely Starline Gallery in Harvard. I will get you started on the right path. You will learn exactly what I do when I am done with a shoot. I will show you how I organize and cull my photos quickly and easily. You will learn the right way to export from lightroom and how I make that process painless. Right now you can even get a special deal during Nancy’s “We only have one sale a year” sale.  Register for the class and learn my tips and secrets for making my workflow faster.

The second way is through one on one and mentoring basis. This is where I can answer your specific questions. In a one on one setting I can get more detailed and solve a specific problem you have. Maybe you would like to fix specific type of photo issue in post production. That is just one example of what I can do for you. The nice thing about these sessions is that the subject is up to you. I customise each session to fit your need. Just a little tip, it doesn’t have to be just Lightroom, I have a lot of photographic knowledge. Contact me to find out more.


Get help from an Adobe Certified Trainer and get the most out of Lightroom!