The video below has my “1st” of many Lightroom Tutorials. I plan to share a short video talking about a specific action regularly. This week we will be touching on the Crop Overlay Tool. How can I change it?

There are many reasons why you may want to change the tool, but the main one I can think of is to help out with different compositional elements. Move away from the rule of thirds and try to compose an image to one of the other “rules”

You will need a basic understanding of Lightroom for this to be helpful. Take a workshop!

Lightroom Tutorial | Changing the crop overlay
Lightroom Tutorial | Changing the crop overlay

This is the first of many short tutorials. I will be primarily focused on Adobe Photoshop Lightrooms, but I may do other tutorials as needed. I hope they get better as I make more. You can learn more about my in-person workshops at