*UPDATE* My daughter wanted to help the town of Aguadilla. She has set up an online donation portal so that she can buy Lifestraws. This will help the community have safe water the next time a disaster hits.

Check out here  page out: https://www.youcaring.com/survivorsofhurricanemariainaguadilla-967283

Now on to my original post:

Proud of how my girl is thinking about the community we lived in most recently this past summer.

I know this isn’t much. I’m not rich, but I wanted to figure out how to help my family in Puerto Rico.  My photography is one small way!

Here is my Fine Art America Profile:


I am giving 100% of any sales I have. Use discount code: PRKGBN so I know that this sale was to benefit the island. Don’t forget these are your fellow US citizens.

I am also selling everything I have around the house, lots of 11×14 prints. A few framed prints, gallery prints and more.  Let me know if I have anything you want and I’ll shot you a price. I am selling everything for cheap, I want to raise as much as possible.

Here is my contact email: [email protected]


I know it may not be much, but anything I can do to help. Even sharing would help!