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Premier Pro + GoPro

This past weekend our family visited the Kalahari Resort located in the Wisconsin Dells. I only took my GoPro, initially thinking I was going to capture a bunch of video. At the last minute, I decided to just sit back and enjoy myself and not worry about shot lists and capturing footage. I also didn’t think I would put together a video.

Well, the girls did capture GoPro footage, and I ended up putting together this short video:

What do you think? I don’t think it is too bad considering the girls captured the majority of the footage. read more

G.Arroyo UAV Video

Have you seen the new page?

Have you seen the new page?

I added an “Aerial” page to the website and it is prominent in the menu bar. I wanted to create a new page highlighting the aerial video and photo services I am offering now. Want a rated, insured, professional for your aerial project? Check out the new page and contact me if you would like to learn more.

Would this be something you’re interested in? Excited about the possibilities? Let me know in the comments below:

Oh and don’t miss the short video I have embedded: read more

Digital G.Arroyo UAV Video

Algonquin Preserve Fly Over

I shot this video while my wife was out exercising and exploring. This is a nature preserve in Algonquin, Illinois. The video was captured using a GoPro Hero 4+ Silver and 3DR Solo drone. It was edited using Premiere Pro CC. Can you tell that I like shooting with the quadcopter?

Want to find out about getting your own video made? Contact me!

And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel.

Digital G.Arroyo Video

Lightroom Tutorial | Changing the crop overlay

The video below has my “1st” of many Lightroom Tutorials. I plan to share a short video talking about a specific action regularly. This week we will be touching on the Crop Overlay Tool. How can I change it?

There are many reasons why you may want to change the tool, but the main one I can think of is to help out with different compositional elements. Move away from the rule of thirds and try to compose an image to one of the other “rules”

You will need a basic understanding of Lightroom for this to be helpful. Take a workshop! read more

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Our First Track Event [Video]

During the past week, Leyla had her first track meet.

It is always difficult when I’m by myself. Do I shoot video or do I shoot stills? Well, this time I tried something out. Something I have done for first-person video but never had tried with my iPhone. I attached my phone to a cold shoe mount. This allowed my to record video via the iPhone and shoot the still images at the same time.

Typically I capture first-person video via a GoPro attached to the camera. This time I wanted to try out the iPhone 7 Plus to see how the video turned out. I took my cold shoe mount, which has a 1/4-20 tripod mount on it, put my Joby cell phone to tripod adaptor on, attached all to my Sony A7 and set my iPhone to capture video. read more

Digital Events Film G.Arroyo Video

McHenry County Photographers Landscape Photo Contest

A few days ago I ended a small contest. The rules were simple, submit your best color landscape photo from the past year. The contest was open to those who joined our new group of McHery County Photographers on Facebook. Well as it turns out I couldn’t pick a winner. All of the photos that were submitted were stellar. I had a hard time just choosing one. Maybe if they were black and white it might have made things easier for me, but alas it wasn’t. So I decided to let fate choose. I entered the names in a raffle and randomly drew a winner. read more

Digital Events G.Arroyo Video

New Features added to GiovanniArroyo.com

This past week I added new Features to GiovanniArroyo.com

One of the features is a chat function that will allow you to just click to chat with me. Do you have a question about Adobe Lightroom? Chat with me. Want to find out if I can help you create a promo video? Open up the chat. Am I available to do a shoot or photograph and event on a certain date? Get the ball rolling by sending me a message via the chat function.

I’ve also added some new, and easier to use sharing features. Now on the bottom of every post, you can easily share my latest blog post. A simple one button click to help your friends, by giving them great content.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. read more

Digital Film G.Arroyo Video

Would you like a promotional video?

Wouldn’t you like to improve your Google ranking?

I can create one for you. After many years I have finally decided to offer my video services. If you are interested in improving your SEO, booking more jobs, and making more money, then you need a promotional video.

Find out how I can make you an edited promotion video. Learn how little this marketing ability will cost.
Contact me:

I can shoot Super 8 video, behind the scenes, point of view, interviews and capture professional audio.

Want to see some of my work? Check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel. read more