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Small Business Saturday Sale

Long Walk
Picture of El Morro an Juan Puerto Rico

Starting this Saturday, I am having a rare 50% off or buy one get one free sale*. Matted prints start at only $15 dollars. This also includes my limited edition work.

I also have a large selection of framed and metal prints available. Help me clear some space!

Get someone (yourself) a special and unique gift.

Credit Cards, Paypal, and cash accepted. Shipping available. Email me to make an appointment to see what is available or make a purchase.

Don’t have time to see my work in person? Live too far? You should join my email subscribers, I’m giving 25% off on my work through Fine Art America. Learn more read more

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Adobe Education Trainer

After 8 weeks of course work this summer, I am proud to say I am now official an Adobe Education Trainer. The class was a lot more difficult than I had initial anticipated. I had considered dropping out after taking a family vacation, but glad I completed all the work.

Now when taking my Lightroom workshop, you are taking it from an Adobe Education Trainer.

Adobe Education Trainer

An “Adobe Education Trainer” is an individual that a) provides training on Adobe tools and solutions to individuals and institutions in the education space and b) who maintains high standards for reach and quality by meeting or exceeding the requirements outlined here: read more

Digital Events G.Arroyo

A Little Lightroom Voodoo

Sometimes it feels like what I do in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, is mysterious or a little like voodoo. Each workshop that I teach reminds me how little people realize goes into a finished photo. How much difference there actually is between the photo I took and the one I share.

Pressing the shutter just starts the process. I don’t think that the photo is finished until I have edited, and at the very least shared it on social media. Most of the time I will make a print and once that happens the photo is done. read more

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Art on the 8th

Another month, another great art event. Join me, and other artists on at 7:30pm Thursday, May 21st in Elgin. The artist reception is at Elgin Art Showcase 164 Division St 8th Fl, Elgin, Illinois 60120. This will be a great opportunity to meet the artists behind the work. On last thing, the event is also FREE and open to the public.

I have three pieces being exhibited and for sale all month.


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Follow me on a shoot

Coming this summer, I will be making video’s of me shooting on the street. I think this will be an interesting way for you to see what I see in an all new way. What makes me pull the camera up to my eye, what makes me press the shutter and why I capture certain things.

You can learn from me in an all new way. I will be using this setup on all my cameras, 35mm, digital, medium format and hopefully polaroid. Be ready for an all new 1st person street photography experience.

Would you like to check out some of my photography in person? Don’t miss this event next week! read more

Printing and Getting Ready, Giovanni Arroyo Photography
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Getting Ready

I’m printing. I’m matting. I’m framing

I am getting ready.

For what?

To share six of my urban photography images at 4th Friday’s April 24th. They will be on sale in Nancy Merkling’s studio at the Starline Factory and Studios in Harvard. This event is great, make sure you stop by Nancy’s Studio and take a look and take a fine art photo home.

Make sure you introduce yourself when you come by.  Oh and wish me a happy birthday. I’ve passed another year on earth April 22nd. read more

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Lightroom 5 Information Overlay

During my last Simply Learn | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom  workshop I was asked how I was showing the information overlay in Lightroom. This allows me to quickly see the pixel dimensions, file name and taken on date. It can also show iso and aperture settings as well. I couldn’t remember exactly where the option to turn the overlay was, but I took a note and promised to share it when I got home.  Here is the short video that show just how quickly and easily it is to turn this option on in Lightroom. read more