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Own you style

Own your style.


So last night I attended an event, The photos in this post are from that night. During the event, I got to thinking about style, what is it and what is my style?

I am going to talk mainly about my portrait work. I have a slightly different style for street and landscape photos.

First, let me try to define, what is style?

I feel it is the specific “look” a photographer develops over time and experience. Put it simply, it is what I like to see in photos.

How did I develop my style?
I’ve taken thousands of photos, looked at more, visited art galleries and read a lot of art and photography books. I consumed and created. Experience and creative work is probably the most important thing I have done to develop my style. Either behind the camera (most of the time), or drawing ideas. I try to create something daily. read more

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Our First Track Event [Video]

During the past week, Leyla had her first track meet.

It is always difficult when I’m by myself. Do I shoot video or do I shoot stills? Well, this time I tried something out. Something I have done for first-person video but never had tried with my iPhone. I attached my phone to a cold shoe mount. This allowed my to record video via the iPhone and shoot the still images at the same time.

Typically I capture first-person video via a GoPro attached to the camera. This time I wanted to try out the iPhone 7 Plus to see how the video turned out. I took my cold shoe mount, which has a 1/4-20 tripod mount on it, put my Joby cell phone to tripod adaptor on, attached all to my Sony A7 and set my iPhone to capture video. read more

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McHenry County Photographers Landscape Photo Contest

A few days ago I ended a small contest. The rules were simple, submit your best color landscape photo from the past year. The contest was open to those who joined our new group of McHery County Photographers on Facebook. Well as it turns out I couldn’t pick a winner. All of the photos that were submitted were stellar. I had a hard time just choosing one. Maybe if they were black and white it might have made things easier for me, but alas it wasn’t. So I decided to let fate choose. I entered the names in a raffle and randomly drew a winner. read more

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New Features added to

This past week I added new Features to

One of the features is a chat function that will allow you to just click to chat with me. Do you have a question about Adobe Lightroom? Chat with me. Want to find out if I can help you create a promo video? Open up the chat. Am I available to do a shoot or photograph and event on a certain date? Get the ball rolling by sending me a message via the chat function.

I’ve also added some new, and easier to use sharing features. Now on the bottom of every post, you can easily share my latest blog post. A simple one button click to help your friends, by giving them great content.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. read more

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Would you like to hire me? Giovanni Arroyo Photography

Would you like to hire me?
Giovanni Arroyo Photography is available for hire!

Event Photography? Sure!
Event Photography

Headshots? Absolutely!

Any other portrait work (including film)? Not a problem!

I also do custom website work, specialize in training and public speaking, videography, social media and more!

Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] to find out how we can work together.

[bctt tweet=”Hire me to work with you!” username=”gdotarroyo”] read more

Camera 1 Workshop POV
Digital Events Video

Camera 1 Workshop POV

The video below shows the Camera 1 Workshop Leyla and I attended last fall.

I shot the video using my GoPro Hero 4 which I mounted to the top of my Fuji XE-1. At some points you can see me focusing the Minolta 55mm f1.4 lens which I love on the Fuji. Leyla got to use my Sony A7 during the class. Speaking of classes, Nancy Merkling hosts some wonderful workshops. Make sure to check them out, they are sure to improve your photography I am lucky enough to teach two.

This year I plan to take a lot more workshops. I want to improve my video editing. I hope to travel more. I have set up a new Facebook Group, after experimenting on Slack and finding that it just didn’t work for most of us. read more

Combining Lightroom Catalogs Tutorial
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Combining Lightroom Catalogs Tutorial

Below you will find a short video tutorial for combining Adobe Photoshop Lightroom catalogs.

As many of you know, during my Lightroom workshops, I suggest starting a new catalog each calendar year. Well this year I am going to be trying something different. I am not going to be creating a new catalog. Instead I am going to try working from a master catalog. I will be continuing my organization structure from there on. During class I plan on sharing my new workflow. I am constantly learning, adjusting and changing how I work in Lightroom. Hopefully I can make Lightroom easier for you. read more