New Year, New Drone

What does this new year bring?

It brings me a new aerial photo and video platform.

I have a new travel drone. More megapixels. More Resolution. New possibilities.

I can’t wait to see what this new platform brings. It is a lot more portable which should allow more use and I can now pan UP instead of only down. I will create a new video soon showing this feature.

Being winter here it is a little cold and windy. I am excited to see what I can do with this drone in 2019 and beyond.

Check out my aerial images for sale on Fine Art America. read more



Yes, I do have a sale occasionally. This year I am having a super deal on signed prints.

Matted 11″ x 14″ which I usually sell for $30 I have marked down to only $9.99

Not only do I have these prints on sale I also have deals on a select number of metal prints. Some captured in Puerto Rico when I visited last year not long after Hurricane Maria.

Only $49.99

Don’t snooze on these deals, I have limited stock, and once they are gone I don’t plan on reprinting.

Yes you read that correctly, you will be able to get a limited edition signed print for cheap.

Get a unique gift for someone (including yourself) this year.

If you want to see the print in person, have any questions, just contact me.

Digital Events Film G.Arroyo

Own you style

Own your style.


So last night I attended an event, The photos in this post are from that night. During the event, I got to thinking about style, what is it and what is my style?

I am going to talk mainly about my portrait work. I have a slightly different style for street and landscape photos.

First, let me try to define, what is style?

I feel it is the specific “look” a photographer develops over time and experience. Put it simply, it is what I like to see in photos.

How did I develop my style?
I’ve taken thousands of photos, looked at more, visited art galleries and read a lot of art and photography books. I consumed and created. Experience and creative work is probably the most important thing I have done to develop my style. Either behind the camera (most of the time), or drawing ideas. I try to create something daily.

I don’t have a simple recipe, do these steps and you will have your style.  Each individual will develop their style over time.

I didn’t even realize I had a specific style until it was pointed out to m by a fellow photographer.

So. what is my style?

As shown in the photo above, I prefer black and white (I’m working on doing more color), simplistic photos that show the individual and their personality. I also tend to cut off the tops of heads, not looking into the lens, and I love symmetry but also like intentionally asymmetrical images when the opportunity presents itself. I always have a little bit of vignetting in my images and I prefer lots of contrast.

That’s it that is my style. Look at my work, hopefully, you can see the same patterns. Do you have your own style yet? If you do, make sure you embrace it. It what sets your photography apart from others.  In other words. Own your style!

Here is a bunch of photos cause I can. Some were taken with a borrowed Fuji GFX-50S others with my Fuji XE1


Digital Film

Custom Presets

Have you wanted to look behind the scenes of my photos?

Custom Preset

Wondered how I edit my photos so quickly? Spend almost no time on social media yet regularly publish.

For the first time, I am offering my custom presets for you to purchase.

Yes, you read that right. If you like my photos, you can easily make your photos look the same. It is just like adding a filter. Only custom.

Go download a preset and add it to Lightroom today.


Want to learn more? Book me for a one-on-one session.



Inventory Reduction Sale

I’m selling my metal print inventory. 

16×20 only $50 plus shipping.

Let me know which one you want. NOW EASILY ORDER ONLINE!

Huntley Outlet Mall
Aguada Sugar Refinery
Which Way
Mar Chiquita

16×20 METAL Prints. Unframed. ONLY $50 plus actual shipping. 

I am losing my mind but I am sitting on a few aerial prints that need to find a new home. I am putting 5 up for sale, all are 1-of-a-kind, some are still in their wrapper. I will sign each prior to shipping. 2 are in my signature black and white style. 3 for my most recent trip to Puerto Rico. I showed one framed so you have an idea of how it looks. 
ONLY $50 plus actual shipping.
Send me a DM with your zip and I can figure out how much shipping will be and if you include your email address I can send you an invoice. 

This is a rare chance to own these images. They sell for almost $150 on Fine Art America, unsigned. Save BIG!⠀

Just let me know which one you want. Pay for it and it will be yours before someone else gets it! Paypal and Credit Cards accepted.  read more


Cómo el gobierno me obligó a usar mi mejor destreza.

The article in English:

En caso de que no lo hayas notado, ahora me he vuelto más político con mis declaraciones.

Con la falta de acción, respuesta deficiente y otros asuntos sobre el huracán María por parte del gobierno federal de los Estados Unidos, sentí que era mi deber, mejor dicho responsabilidad de hablar al público.

Quería usar mi habilidad más fuerte, mi voz.

¿Cómo me forzó el gobierno a levantar mi voz, preguntarás?  Fácilmente, me permitieron ver lo poco que hicieron para ayudar a mi gente en Puerto Rico. Después de más de cien años de dominio colonial, trataron a Puerto Rico con desdén. Finalmente trataron a Puerto Rico como la colonia que es. read more


Hartford, Connecticut. Hello!

Early this year, I took a trip to visit Puerto Rico. Of course, I carried my Fuji XE-1 (probably my favorite camera) with me. I also shot some video with my drone.

I captured a lot of images of the island. Like this image:

Hartford, Connecticut. Hello! Giovanni Arroyo

Available for purchase on Fine Art America.

La Respuesta recommended me as one of the top 10 Puerto Rican photographers you have to follow:

And the main reason that you clicked on this post. I have one of my images up for viewing in Hartford, CT.

Hartford, Connecticut. Hello! Giovanni Arroyo

You can see this photo print at the Hartford Public Library Park Street Branch displayed amongst other awesome images from the island.

Digital G.Arroyo Video

How to buy my art (even if your not local)

So you like one of my photos.

You would love to see this image hanging up in your house.

The only problem is getting it.

You don’t live in the Chicago area and don’t plan to come visit me anytime soon.

How can you get a piece of my work?

Easy purchase it from Fine Art America.

They have many options, everything from framed art prints to phone cases. You can choose the item, and size on their website.

Check out this short video I made showing how easy it is.

It is super easy and simple to support my craft. Help me make more interesting content for you by buying a piece of my art.


Digital G.Arroyo Video

Some t-shirts

I designed some t-shirts for sale.

I know, I’m supposed to keep things photography related. So I will, I designed these shirts in Photoshop.

There you happy!

On to the meaty part. Take a peek at my storefront:

You can easily order any of the designs like I share in this video:


There are more than just t-shirts. I also plan to add to my store when I can. Check out some of my Puerto Rico designs.


More coming soon! Check back to find new items!