Camera 1 Workshop POV

Camera 1 Workshop POV

The video below shows the Camera 1 Workshop Leyla and I attended last fall.


I shot the video using my GoPro Hero 4 which I mounted to the top of my Fuji XE-1. At some points you can see me focusing the Minolta 55mm f1.4 lens which I love on the Fuji. Leyla got to use my Sony A7 during the class. Speaking of classes, Nancy Merkling hosts some wonderful workshops. Make sure to check them out, they are sure to improve your photography I am lucky enough to teach two.

This year I plan to take a lot more workshops. I want to improve my video editing. I hope to travel more. I have set up a new Facebook Group, after experimenting on Slack and finding that it just didn’t work for most of us.

I have a lot of things going My blog my have less content in it. Here is the link to my Youtube channel. I will be posting more tutorials and other videos on there, subscribe now if you can.

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