Sometimes you need to have you camera look more “Professional”.

My photography friends and I know that a Sony A7 has a full frame sensor. [bctt tweet=”Ultimately it is photographer, not the camera, that makes a professional.” username=”gdotarroyo”]

There are those times, those times when it just helps perception for your camera to look bigger. I have one of those days coming up, my camera has to look like a Big Boy Camera.

I rented a Sony 70-200mm f4 lens, and threw my extended grip on the little A7, now it looks bigger. Not bad for a compact mirrorless camera which usually has a 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens on it.

I’m renting the lens, but after a few tests, I am interested in possibly purchasing one. I cannot fairly compare the speed of focusing, or any other auto focus aspects. This is the first autofocus lens I have attached to the A7. I do know that I like how well it separates subjects from their surrounding. It has an almost 3D quality, with a shallow depth of field.  At the worst I will be renting this lens again.