I don’t trust my computer, I don’t trust that my hard drive won’t crash, I don’t trust that it won’t fail. I backup to multiple places, two physical external drives and one cloud based. You can find out more at my Lightroom Workshop. Is that enough? Probably, but I still do more. I print most of my photos, even the ones that no body ever sees. I want to give my daughters shoe boxes worth of memories.

Over the summer I found out about a company called Chatbooks that that will make small books of my Instagram photos. They are only $6 for 60 photos and get sent a new book every time I add 60 more photos to Instagram. The quality is good and now I have another way to archive my photos. The books are labeled as volumes and I should be receiving volume 4 any day.

I also like the fact that on the app, I can easily include or exclude photos from the next book.


This is an awesome way to archive my Instagram photos. If you use my referral code FT3HATC you get your first subscription book free. I get $1 off my next order.